zig zag bricks  Bhatta (kiln) offers a 15-20% reduction in Specific Energy Consumption and up to 80% reduction in SPM emissions over FC-BTK.

A higher percentage of Class first bricks are produced as compared to FC-BTK (80-85% Class first bricks as compared to 55-60% in FC-BTK).

There is an option for easy Convert of FC-BTK to natural draught Zig-zag kiln and Savings from reduced fuel consumption and an increase in revenue due to a higher percentage of Class I bricks.

the Capital cost of retrofitting of existing FC-BTKs ranges from INR 10-25 lakhs and pays back in 3 months-2 years. 

The payback period for the new construction of Zig-zag kiln is 2-3 years. Zig-zag kiln required skilled manpower for its operation.

However, the same workforce working in FC-BTK can be easily trained for operating Zig-zag kilns.

four persons are required for firing at a 6 -hour shift. Natural Draught Zigzag firing kiln is a moving fire kiln in which the fire moves in a closed rectangular circuit.

It has many similarities with FCBTK technology; the main difference being the zigzag airflow path.

The bricks are stacked in such a manner to guide the airflow in a zigzag path.

Zig zag Bhatta flow increases the airflow path length and turbulence in the air, thereby resulting in improved combustion & heat transfer rate and uniform temperature across the kiln cross-section.

 the long firing zone and fuel feeding practice improve the combustion efficiency of the kiln.

The main innovation in natural draught zigzag kiln is that while traditionally zigzag firing was done with the assistance of fan draught, in this ki

ln the zig zag bhatta operation is achieved through the chimney draught.

The main advantages of natural draft zigzag kilns are reduced energy consumption, reduced pollutant emissions and improved product quality