Coal Crusher Machine

We make coal crusher machine in Sambhal Uttar Pradesh

Effect Smasher, By receiving the created innovation and one of a kind basic plan, completed items handled by sway smasher flaunts cubic shape without pressure and splits. It can smash stone littler than 500mm with pressure quality lower than 350MPA, for example, rock, limestone, concrete, and so on.

Effect smasher is generally utilized in a wide range of metal squashing, railroad, thruway, vitality, concrete, compound industry, development, and so on. The yield size can be balanced.

Impact Coal Crusher Machine Features:

1、Many cavities to smash, appropriate for squashing hard rock

2、Reasonable structure of leveling plate making charge better and cubic without inside splits

3、Low and large feed opening makes the creation line simple to mastermind and increment the size of taking care of the material

4、Use the water is driven to open, simple to keep up and change wear-parts

5、New enemy of rough material makes the more drawn out help life of effect bar, sway plate, and liner.

Coal Crusher Machine Working Principle:

Effect smasher pounds material by striking vitality. At the point when it works, the engine drives the rotor to pivot at a fast, on which the blow bar is introduced. When the material gets into the influencing region of the blow bar, they will be stroke by the blow bar and be tossed to the effect gadgets around the rotor. The rapid powers the material to bounce back from the effect liner to the region where the blow bar impacts until they have been squashed to the necessary size. The leeway between the effect racks and the rotor can be acclimated to change the size and state of the final results.

Specifications of coal crusher machine

1-Production of coal crusher machine 15 to 16ton per hours

2-now days it’s used in kiln technology to crushing of coal for Bhatta.

3- Get a coal crusher at the best price with product specifications. … Supported by our high-tech manufacturing facilities equipped with contemporary machines and tools.

4- the weight of the coal crusher machine is 600kg.